The Ohio State University and CNH partnership flourishing under Master Research Agreement

The Ohio State University and CNH partnership flourishing under Master Research Agreement

COLUMBUS, Ohio-- The collaborative efforts between The Ohio State University and CNH have yielded significant outcomes following the implementation of the Master Research Agreement (MRA) in March 2023. 

The MRA, designed to foster innovation and research in agriculture, engineering, and the computer sciences, has provided framework for CNH and local dealers to support the university through equipment loans and donations, services, and training in the field and classroom to support teaching and research activities.

"The Ohio State University and CNH have a long history of mutually beneficial partnership," said Jillian Carbone, North America Open Innovation Manager for CNH. "A year ago, we decided to formalize our intentions and create a unique framework that would inspire exploration of new opportunities, and simplify and accelerate our collaboration process. And over this last year we've seen this theory realized. We're excited to continue Breaking New Ground with Ohio State, developing holistic and meaningful solutions for our current and future employees, customers, and dealers."

Since the implementation of the MRA:

Research Projects: Nearly $1 million in research and testing projects, encompassing both ongoing and planned initiatives, have been initiated, highlighting a robust engagement in scholarly pursuits.

  • Approximately $500,000 worth of charitable contributions, equipment, and technology systems, considered Gifts-in-Kind by Ohio State, have been provided to bolster research efforts and complement the student educational experience. Additional loans and donations are intended for upcoming seasons, underscoring a continued commitment by CNH to advancing scientific inquiry and student learning.
  • Master Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): CNH has streamlined the process of transitioning conversations from conceptualization to practical implementation by developing a Master NDA, fostering a more agile environment for innovation.
  • Scholarship Initiatives: Aligned with the overarching goal of nurturing talent and fostering academic excellence, CNH has collaborated with College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences and the College of Engineering to establish two scholarships. These scholarships, initiated in November 2022 and Fall 2023 respectively, provide $22,500 over two academic years to six deserving students, investing in the future leaders of the agricultural and engineering domains.

“Our collaboration with CNH under the Master Research Agreement has yielded exceptional results for Ohio State” said Alissa Comella, associate vice president for corporate partnerships in the Enterprise for Research, Innovation and Knowledge. “The substantial investments in research projects, loans and donations, and scholarship initiatives highlight our shared commitment to fostering innovation and excellence.” 

Ohio State's Corporate Partnerships team is dedicated to fostering and facilitating relationships that create mutual value for both the university and industry. These strategic alliances help spur innovation, build talent pipelines, expand student opportunities, leverage expertise, and enhance economic development efforts.