Workforce Development

A workforce skilled to your needs

Through a partnership with Ohio State, we will work together to ensure your workforce is skilled to your industry’s needs. With 94% of Ohio State’s incoming 2019 freshmen ranked in the top 25% of their class, this is the future of America’s workforce. Help them grow and learn what your unique industry can do.  

Create the workforce you need

The workforce coming out of Ohio State are experts-in-training in almost every field imaginable. With our upskilling opportunities, you can fine-tune their expertise to your industry by influencing curriculum and degree offerings. Our region has a long history of jobs training to advance the quality of Ohio’s workforce. Their success is your success. 


Stackable certificates and microcredentials for your industry
Jobs traning
Specialized training plan
Professional short courses and continuing education
Ability to customize courses and degrees
Advanced degree programs targeted to your industry

Evolve the workforce you have

Your industry is evolving. The skills your workers needed 10 years ago are not the skills they need today. We’re eager to partner to give you learning options that help your already developed workforce advance so your business can succeed. 


Online and distance education
Certificate and graduate education
Ability to customize courses
Executive education

Ohio State has the resources you need

Ohio State Online

Ohio State's online degree and certificate programs can build upon credits already earned or move careers forward with advanced degrees and job training. Ohio State's online programs are top-ranked: #1 among Ohio's public colleges and #7 among best online undergraduate programs. 

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Engineering education

Ohio State's College of Engineering offers boot camps, graduate degrees, certificates, short courses and onsite programs through its Professional and Distance Education Programs. Explore ways to upskill and reskill your workforce through topics from data analytics to electron miscroscopy and more. 

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Executive education

Executive Education at Fisher offers options for busy professionals ranging from 2-day programs, online certificates, executive master's degrees and more. For companies, the executive education team works closely with clients to customize content and format of programs to target specific industries. 

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executive training programs across the university


companies served through continuing ed programs


courses offered online

Meet your workforce development partner

Consultant, Corporate Partnerships

Julia Beckner

Frequently asked questions

Get in touch with us and we will work with you to guide you into the right program to develop your workforce. We’ll work together to create curriculum and programs that will help reskill and upskill a workforce that will propel your business into the future.

When you work with Ohio State, we tailor our offerings to your needs. That’s why we’re here. We will customize your engagement to your business goals to ensure what you get from Ohio State is exactly what you need.