CDAs, MTAs and DUAs

CDAs, MTAs and DUAs

We're here to help support your business and research objectives. Before transferring information, materials or data to third parties, there are agreements that often need to be executed to protect the intellectual property of both the university and other parties.

Our contacts team is working remotely, providing digital assistance on CDAs, MTAs and DUAs. Please note that the team is prioritizing all contracts related to the COVID-19 pandemic

Types of Agreements

Learn more below about the types of agreements used by our office and how you can initiate this process below.

Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDAs)

Also known as Nondisclosure Agreements (NDAs), are often used to protect the confidentiality of an invention during evaluation by potential licensees. CDAs also protect proprietary information of third parties that Ohio State researchers need to review in order to conduct research, evaluate research opportunities and assess the feasibility of conducting a clinical trial at Ohio State. 

The Corporate Engagement Office enters into CDAs for proprietary information shared between Ohio State and someone outside of Ohio State. Due to Ohio State’s Institutional Data Policy, Ohio State does not sign separate CDAs that bind principal investigators or co-researchers who have access to the confidential information.

Requests for Confidential Disclosure Agreements may be submitted electronically through Innovate.

Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)

Describe the terms under which Ohio State and external researchers may share materials, typically for research or evaluation purposes. MTAs are administered by our office for incoming and outgoing materials for research purposes and in conjunction with licensing. 

  • The Simple MTA or Uniform Biological Material Transfer Agreement (UBMTA) should be used without changes for non-human biological materials that will be used for in vitro research by research colleagues. 
  • For human tissue and human research: The transfer of human biologic material, tissue and specimens for use in humans is governed by separate regulations. Requests for Material Transfer Agreement to cover these transfers may be submitted electronically through Innovate.

When sharing materials with a company, additional terms and conditions may be required in different circumstances by the company or Ohio State. With your MTA request made through Innovate, our contracts officers can help select the appropriate MTA to use.

Data Use Agreements (DUAs)

Used for transferring protected health information (PHI) or other sensitive data into and out of Ohio State. Our office utilizes DUAs for research purposes only. If you need to execute a DUA for health care operations, please contact legal counsel for the appropriate health care unit at Ohio State. 

Requests for Data Use Agreements for research purposes may be submitted electronically through Innovate.

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