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Ever wonder how to get your research commercialized? Often faculty are not sure who at Ohio State can help commercialize their research. Our technology commercialization team is here to help you navigate the process every step of the way from idea to translation into products and services that improve people’s lives.

The pathway to market

Our technology commercialization team is here to help researchers facilitate the translation of research and innovation into the market where it can have an impact on people and the economy. Technologies can be commercialized through at least two pathways - existing companies or startup companies. In some cases, the technology commercialization team may explore both pathways simultaneously. The choice of pathway is dependent upon a variety of factors including the intended involvement of the creator, the readiness level of the technology, the size of the problem the technology addresses and the impact the technology will have on the market.

Licensing to an Existing Company Creating a Startup

Impacting lives through research

Ohio State's researchers are passionate about finding solutions that the world needs now. Read the stories of some of Ohio State's researchers who are pursuing commercialization of their discoveries in order for them to have the most impact on society. Learn more about how their work is impacting the world, and how yours cay, too. 

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Your partner in commercialization

Are you excited by a research idea, discovery or insight that could have an impact on the world around us? Email a brief description of your idea or discovery and a technology commercialization professional will contact you. The technology commercialization team will help you navigate the process from start to finish. 

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Sr. Associate Vice President, Technology Commercialization

Kevin Taylor

Executive Assistant to Kevin Taylor

Cameron Groff

Associate Director of Licensing
Arts and Sciences | Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Jay Dahlman, PhD, CLP

Director, Intellectual Property and Contracts

David Mess, MS, JD, CLP

Senior Intellectual Property and Grant Compliance Officer

John Cocumelli, JD

Senior Licensing Officer

Ryan Zinn

Business Operations Consultant

Aditi Bhatiya

Senior Analyst
Operational Excellence

Chad Bahan

Licensing Officer

Erika Csatary

Executive Director, Licensing

Don Taylor

Business Operations, Senior Analyst

Jacob Decot

Senior Licensing Officer
AI | ML | Digital Health

Andrew Hampton

Associate Director of Licensing
Health Sciences

Panya Taysavang

Senior Licensing Officer

Chris Willson

Senior Licensing Officer
Health Sciences

Adam Schworer

Associate Director of Licensing (Engineering)

Mandana Ashouri

Licensing Officer

Ryan Lawson

Director, Commercialization Education

Tanya Mathew

Commercial Translational Architect

Joe Sharick


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