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OSU Wexner Medical Center
Chumita, Rosemary
Chuang, Wei-Chao
Chucta, Sheila
Mathur, Puneet
Thompson, John
Licensing Manager
Davis, Stewart

T2017-101 A mobile health tracking application that aims to provide access to health care information and promote behavior changes among patients.


Electronic medical records (EMR) are required for providers to use and more and more places are turning to using mobile digital technology to make access to these records easier. Patients themselves may want to bring their information to different providers and need a way to transport and display that information in a confidential and efficient manner. Therefore, a convenient system that connects to patient health records and allows patients to electronically track their vitals and nutrients will benefit patients, healthcare providers, and hospitals.


Researchers at The Ohio State University have developed the MyHealthTrack mobile app to track daily parameters of blood pressure, heart rate, weight, nutrient intake and activity. The app has alerts guiding patient choices to promote positive behavior changes. MyHealthTrack can assist patients and physicians in the tracking of health data in a portable format and will be an easy method for all who need it to use to collect and display information for better treatment. Real-time information will be available for healthcare team members to assist in tele-monitoring and responding quickly to patient needs.

Commercial Applications

  • Electronic medical record (EMR) systems
  • Hospitals
  • Personal Health Apps
  • Healthcare providers


  • App will aid patients in setting realistic goals and tracking behaviors
  • Health promotion tips will help direct patients to better choices
  • Real-time notification of patient health for physicians and healthcare team
  • Adaptable for various disease states