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Bending Apparatus for Material Testing and Micro-CT Imaging

College of Engineering (COE)
Bodnyk, Kyle
Hart, Richard "Rich"
Litsky, Alan "Alan"
Licensing Manager
Norris, Francis "Frank"

T2017-024 A three-point bending device that can be used within a micro-CT scanner to record and analyze mechanical properties of bone and other material.

The Need

Conventional mechanical testing has been regarded as a gold standard for the evaluation of bone health. This testing typically requires compression, 3-point or 4-point bending, and torsional rotation of the bone utilizing conventional machines. Obtaining samples to test throughout a study requires serial sacrificing of many animals and can increase costs and IACUC concerns for a research project. In addition, advances in medical imaging and virtual methods of biomechanical analysis have reduced the need for staining and improved quantification of bone biomechanics. However, preferred visual imaging modalities such as MicroCT cannot be paired with standard testing devices due to issues including chamber fit and the radiopacity of the devices.

The Technology

Kyle Bodnyk and colleagues at The Ohio State University have designed a device to conduct multiple point bending tests on bone within a MicroCT scanner. The device, made of radiolucent material, can provide clear real-time images of bones as they are flexed. Further, the device can be utilized in the SKYSCAN compression loading apparatus, requiring no specialized tools to transfer from a compression load to a bending load on the material being tested.

Commercial Applications

  • Biomechanical testing
  • Live imaging of bone mechanics


  • Compact size tailored to use with a MicroCT testing stage
  • Transfers testing stage native compression mode to bending mode
  • Radiolucent for use in MicroCT imaging