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GonioTech LLC
Advanced Materials

GonioTech LLC is a Columbus-based small business focused on novel materials and their applications.  Using novel materials with unique properties, GonioTech is challenging the fundamental paradigm of semiconductor-based electronic devices.


College of Engineering
License Fiscal Year: 2021
Inventor(s): Joseph Heremans, Joshua Goldberger
CEO: Molly Ball
Applied Impulse Inc.
Advanced Materials

Applied Impulse, Inc. (Aii) was formed to commercialize the substantial work and IP generated by Glenn Daehn and Anupam Vivek in the Impulse Manufacturing Lab at Ohio State. Aii is deploying a new solid-state joining method that has been proven to join a very broad range of dissimilar alloys.  Aii’s value proposition is to enable industries to “lightweight” products and improve performance by joining dissimilar materials such as steel to aluminum, stainless steel to nitinol and many other novel combinations.

College of Engineering
License Fiscal Year: 2020
Inventor(s): Glenn Daehn
CEO: David Stroud
ResCon Technologies, LLC
Electronics, Communications & Networking

ResCon Technologies, LLC is a veteran-owned small business based in Columbus, Ohio specializing in hardware, firmware and software for advanced unmanned aerial system (UAS) flight control.  The company's patent-pending platform combines artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and physical unclonable function (PUF) technologies in a single package that can operate on low-power commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) processors. 

College of Arts & Sciences
License Fiscal Year: 2020
Inventor(s): Daniel Canaday
CEO: Brian Gyovai
Capture Medical, Inc.
Medical Devices, Diagnostics & Imaging
College of Medicine
License Fiscal Year: 2020
Inventor(s): Nudaparambil Jacob
CEO: Scott Barnes
Medical Devices, Diagnostics & Imaging
College of Medicine
License Fiscal Year: 2020
Inventor(s): Metin Gurcan
CEO: Dan Wegner